Committed to Mechanical Engineering domain, Aashai Technologies is focused on Simulation Software Development and Engineering Design Services. Aashai offers comprehensive solutions to its customers in Software Product Development / Engineering Workflow Automation / Software Customizations / CAD/CAE Application Development / Engineering Services / Product Design Optimization / Training and Consulting.


Aashai delivers benefits to its customers through domain knowledge, software development model, alignment with customer and cost effectiveness. The customer confidence and the long term business engagement is a result of Aashai’s commitment and willingness to walk that extra mile for customers’ success.


Aashai started its operations in November 2004 at Pune India. Pune is one of the most resourceful cities in India with synergetic blend of Technology, Engineering, Education, Cultural-Social life and Nature. A home to design centers, R&D houses and manufacturing facilities of most of the leading domestic and international automotive and manufacturing companies, Pune also is major educational hub with wide variety of colleges offering courses in Engineering, Mathematics and Scientific Research.


Since inception, Aashai has shown consistent growth in terms of expertise, offerings, man-power, revenues and profits; Truly an all-round growth!. At present, Aashai delivers services to some of the world’s leading software and engineering companies in the area of Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Consumer Electronics.


Aashai’s vision is to focus on new and path breaking technologies and application to engineering and to be the partner of choice to software and engineering companies worldwide.


Aashai believes in conserve and control as its business philosophy.