Aashai Technologies understands your business requirements with its strategic and operational importance. Therefore, we have innovative and mature engagement models to ensure your satisfaction and profitability.


Developing and launching new a software product is a tight rope walk. There are several factors, internal and external. Specs, Technologies, Budget, Project Management, Quality, Support, Documentation, Pre and After sales, all factor in, to make or break the potential product. Aashai understands this and engages on several fronts over the entire lifecycle of the product, to offer a comprehensive, cost effective and mature development model. Aashai is open to discuss shared risk opportunities to incubate new products and technology solutions With companies and entrepreneurs.

Aashai Advantage

Aashai provides you on-site support at no extra cost at the time of product release, code freeze or product integration. Aashai typically deploys domain expert onsite ensuring high rate of success. This is Aashai’s sincere effort to run that extra mile to make your product successful.



Aashai team can act as a Force-Multiplier for your software development center. Aashai can partner in offering value added services in area of Add-On development, development of Macro and Scripting based productivity tools and Maintenance and Support for your software applications.


Aashai Advantage

With strong understanding of domain and software development, Aashai's can work shoulder-to-shoulder with its customers to deliver the tools and technologies.



Aashai Technologies has strong expertise and experience in varied domains in FEA and CAD on Ansys*, Nastran* and Abaqus* solvers. Aashai also has good expertise in CATIA V5*, SolidWorks* and SolidEdge* CAD tools.


Aashai Advantage

Most pressing need for all customers is product data and version management. Aashai can provide a web based tool to track and manage all the modeling and analysis data.