Aashai has a unique combination of Engineering domain knowledge and Software development maturity. This is a result of unique blend of experts from Mechanical Engineering, Programming and Mathematics field.

On the Software development side Aashai team has in depth knowledge of C/C++/.NET and COM technologies.

Aashai has developed its own software development model based on spiral development approach which has been found to be the most effective in areas of algorithmic CAD/CAE software development.

Aashai team works closely with the customer to understand the requirements, develops and reviews designs, provides alternatives with costs and time lines and implements the solutions in a spiral development model.

Aashai team has good understanding of advanced programming practices for memory and performance optimization. Aashai team has worked on Linux and Windows platforms and has exposure to a variety of compilers and tools. 

Aashai has worked on several cutting edge technology developments in Meshing and Mesh operations,  Pre and Post processor development, Aero structures workflow  automation, Optimization tool development and Translators.

Aashai team has expertise in the following Products and Technologies:

  • Abaqus*, Nastran*, Ansys*
  • CATIA CAA V5*, SolidWorks*
  • Parasolid*, Acis* Kernels
  • OpenGL graphics

Aashai has developed add-on applications and integrations in following engineering domains :

  • Static Structural, Linear and Non-Linear
  • Modal Analysis
  • Steady state Thermal
  • Low frequency Electromagnetics


(* are trademarks of respective companies)