A Unique combination of Mechanical Engineering domain knowledge and Software development maturity.

CAD/CAM Software Development

SolidEdge, Solidworks, Catia v5-CAA, CAMWorks based Software development
Engineering Data Management solutions
Integrations and customizations
Design and Workflow Automation
Cloud & Web Application Development

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CAE Software Development

Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys based Pre-Post vertical development
Catia v5-CAA Simulation software development
Ansys based Analysis services
CAE optimization: Python, Scilab, Opencascade, Octave
Aero, Ship design verticals

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Robotics Simulation Software

Offline Robot Programing and Simulation solution
Integrated in SolidEdge and Solidworks
Supports six axis Robot makes and models
Pick-n-Place, Welding, Scanning, Grinding applications
Supports Turntables, Sliders, Grippers, weldTorches and other tools

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