CAE Software development and Services

FEA Pre Processor and Post Processor development

Aashai works in a variety of domains in Auto (Suspension and PowerTrain), Aero Structures and Ship Scantling design.
World leading CAE companies use Aashai services to develop and maintain:

  • Pre-Post processors
  • Solver integrations
  • Domain specific Vertical CAE applications
  • Associative CAD support
  • Optimizer integrations
  • CAE translators
  • Advanced CAE tools for Mesh cleanup, Auto properties, Composites

  • Simulation Services

    Aashai also offers Ansys based Structural linear, non-linear, modal, dynamic and Thermal Analysis for product design and validation.

    Research work

    Aashai team has good expertise in various numerical analysis tools like Scilab, Octave as well as several core kernels. With this expertise we have undertaken several Proof-Of-Concept implementation of research papers. Aashai provides a very cost effective and fast prototyping / Proof of concept / research for technologies in CAD/CAE area.